Activate Dynamic Light Assist (DLA) – from MY 2017

Description of the Dynamic Light Assist:

Dynamic Light Assist optimises illumination of the carriageway for even greater safety on the road.
The system with variable road illumination allows the main beam to be left on continuously without dazzling oncoming traffic. This is possible thanks to a masking function which can partially dip the main-beam headlights. The information on other road users and the street lighting is captured by a camera on the interior mirror and relayed to the Dynamic Light Assist system. This significantly improves illumination of the entire carriageway.

More information:

Coding manual (from MY 2017):



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Successfully implemented by:

  • VW Passat B8, model year 2017
  • VW Passat B8, model year 2018
  • VW Arteon, model year 2017
  • VW Touran, model year 2018