What is the VCDScripter?

The application VCDScripter is a tool for automating steps in Ross-Tech (LLC) VCDS® (later on mentioned as “VCDS”). For this purpose a script language is introduced that automates user steps within the VCDS application.

How does it work and where can I download it?

The VCDScripter uses different script commands, which are easy to learn and understand. Every script can be saved and shared with others. For more informations and link to the download, visit the official blog:

Where can I find scripts?

You can find some free scripts for the VCDScripter on this Website. Do you have your own script or a question about the VCDScripter? Send it to

Hadez16, the author of the VCDScripter, is neither affiliated with Ross-Tech (LLC), nor focusing any commercial intention. As beinga private project the quality of VCDScripter may not be related to any quality of Ross-Tech VCDS®.

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